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Please note that we are Dwell Living Interiors, an Australian-based furniture and home decor company. We would like to clarify that we are not affiliated with Dwell.com, which operates in the United Kingdom, and has had negative reviews on Trustpilot.com. We understand that this mistaken identity may cause confusion, and we want to ensure our customers that any negative reviews associated with Dwell.com do not reflect our products or services. We take pride in providing high-quality furniture and exceptional customer service to our customers, and we strive to maintain our reputation as a trusted and reliable brand. Dwell Living Interiors is not affiliated with any other Dwell company.



​Make a design statement in your home.

Decorating since 1983, the designs on this site are made with your home in mind. 

DWELL Living Interiors (Hi-End style Statement Furniture and Accent Decorator Homewares)  offers you a well-curated selection of up market residential designs at most competitive prices. You will find a wide product range that puts a premium on better end home decorating needs at between 20 and 60% reduction off RRP.. 

So, whether you’re looking to decorate your newly-bought place or you just want something fresh and different for the house, you’ll find that here. You will find pieces specially designed and handpicked for you to make sure you stay true to your up market brand promise.

With DWELL Living Interiors curated products, it “always feels like home.”

Also, the commercial and early retirement market is specially catered for with the glamour of New Younger generation pre-paring to retire in mind..



Searching for that one furniture piece to complete your home?  Or are you looking to fill in your newly-bought residence? Browse through the well-curated residential product collection.


Are you on the lookout for furniture pieces to go along your new business venture? Or you simply want to create an entirely fresh vibe out of your space? Browse through the commercial product collection. You may also inquire about the discounted rates for bulk and commercial selections.


We know age is just a number but you still can’t put a price on the beauty of comfort. View the trendy products in special fabrics ideally designed and supplied for the early retirees. These also cater to Independent Living Units’ (ILU) projects whether big or small, with interior design assistance, reference sites, and referrals available for your verifications.