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Welcome to Dwell Living Interiors the pioneers in administering exceptional reclaimed timber furniture throughout Australia with in the utmost efficient and hassle-free manner. With extensive experience that dates back almost three decades, the knowledgeable team here at Dwell Living Interiors will guide you and assist you with your choice of reclaimed timber furniture. You may also buy reclaimed timber furniture online, as we have implemented a quick and safe online portal that utilises a wide range of payment methods to suit your needs. We have been the leaders in furniture and living and have been named as the finest reclaimed timber furniture suppliers in Australia by our peers. We are your one stop shop for all your furniture needs!


Are you awaiting a major dinner event at your home? Do you require an upgraded dining table at equitable prices? If you answered yes to the questions above then Dwell Living Interiors is the company that suits your desires. By employing only, the finest and most natural timber in Australia, our quality is undeniable and insurmountable. We are client orientated and assist each client in selecting and modifying any piece of timber dining tables they might be interested in, adding that personalised touch! Quality reclaimed timber furniture at affordable prices, what could surpass that?


Reliability, dedication and enthusiasm are the fundamental stepping stones we adopted throughout the years, in order to surpass client expectation by enhancing and enriching various areas of their home with our exquisite reclaimed timber furniture. By collaborating with home owners we recommend and provide an insight in regard to matching colour themes, lighting angles and overall quality when we design our reclaimed timber furniture. It is vital to educate your client on what products and materials we use, in order to extend our professionalism!


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