Double Purpose From Cotton Rugs to Wall Art

DOUBLE PURPOSE: From Cotton Rugs to Wall Art

4 fun and trendy items that serve you twice

Sometimes you buy things without function simply because they’re utterly beautiful. And then there are times when you come across things that are just irresistibly fun that come with not just one but two functions! Dwell Living Interiors gives you a roundup of our cotton rugs that turn to wall art – depending what you want it to be!

  1. Organic Star. Hang it up or step on it. You can never go wrong with this charming pattern of stripes and stars.
  2. Organic Tree Block. Want to feel close to nature? Have this printed trees on your wall then. 
  3. Organic Chevron Petite. This eternally popular chevron pattern adds interest to this piece.
  4. Organic Feather. Go whimsical with this feather design prints.