How to pick the perfect furniture for a Hamptons-style home

Author: Laura Barry   Date Posted:20 December 2018 

How to pick the perfect furniture for a Hamptons-style home

Hamptons-style homes are very popular in Australia. Our love for bringing the outdoors in, being close to the beach and making the most of natural light make the style a natural match for the Australian lifestyle. Typical of the style is a white-washed home dressed with classic colours or neutral tones and topped off with furniture and accessories that evoke a coastal vibe. However, sometimes selecting furniture that perfectly plays into the theme can be a bigger challenge.

Elaine Ellis and her husband Robert are the founders of Perth-based Australian furniture studio Henry & Oliver Co. The business specialises in making high-quality furniture in Hamptons style, so we thought there would be no one better to ask for tips on how to select the perfect furniture for your Hamptons-style home.

How would you define Hamptons style?

“A Hamptons-style home is relaxed and sophisticated, with an inviting ambiance,” says Elaine. “Hamptons style decorating involves a great deal of charm and character, and interior spaces should feel light, bright and airy, filling you with a sense of tranquillity and relaxation. A home decorated in the Hamptons style will have a neutral colour palette, letting the details take centre stage, such as wood mouldings, cabinetry and real wood floorings.”

white bedrooms with classic colours


What sort of furniture suits a Hamptons-style home?

“Hamptons-style furniture tends to be relaxed and beachy,” says Elaine. “Think plush sofas covered in soft natural fabrics, such as linens, and softly-skirted sofas with some coordinating oversized accent chairs in soft blues and beiges. Add some natural wood like a coffee table, and tie the look together with a plush textured rug.”

all white bedroom


What is your advice for spotting furniture that suits a Hamptons-style home?

“Hamptons style furniture is easy to spot,” says Elaine. “Don’t go for ‘on-trend’ items, and instead opt for classic, understated pieces such as a roll-armed sofa, which will always be timeless.”

“Go with neutral tones that will work well alongside your other furniture pieces,” says Elaine. “To match the style of your sofas, go with complementary chairs such as an over-sized wing chair or ottoman. You can be a little braver on your fabric choices here, but avoid overly bright or bold colours, keeping with the Hamptons style of understated elegance.”

“Investment pieces such as a pedestal leg dining table will never date. This style has certainly withstood the test of time. Look for natural timbers and avoid highly polished timbers or veneers.”


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