Marble Coffee Table Design, Style Ideas and Tips

Author: Sefa Stone Administration   Date Posted:26 January 2017 

Coffee tables are the showstoppers of your living room. They can elevate your lounge’s design and style aesthetics exponentially. The wooden and glass coffee tables have become boring for many homeowners. Everyone wants to add an effortlessly chic looking coffee table which will indicate the serious style and taste as well as the personality of the homeowner. So, if your goal is a uber stylish center-piece that bedazzles anyone who enters your lounge then a marble coffee table is the best choice.

Marble Coffee Table:

Marble is a gorgeous stone that has been the part of the royal taste throughout the history. It is magnificent in its look and exotic at the same time. A marble coffee table is an elegant and timelessly beautiful choice. There is a huge variety in design, shapes and colors available in the market which vary from the old classic styles to chic modish ones. Some of these design ideas are listed below:

Design Ideas:

  • The square coffee table in white marble is a wonderful sight. The polished gleam from this coffee table adds the posh look to your humble lounge.

  • Silver and black are the color interpretations of the concept of yin and yang. A black marble coffee table in the square shape with a silver base adds the touch of Hollywood glamor that you desire.

  • Contemporary two-tiered marble coffee table is a must for every stylish lounge. The use of a black marble block as support between two thin slabs of white marble is a simple yet chic design.

  • The ultra-modern look in a coffee table is achieved by combining elements in a non-traditional manner. Addition of a metallic entity on this beautiful marble coffee table gives it a very trendy look.

  • If minimal is your style then you can opt for something stylish and sleek like this marble top white coffee table.

  • The egg-shaped marble coffee table with wooden legs, whether simple or gilded, looks stylishly cool.

  • A round marble coffee table looks modish and trendy with a steel-based frame.

  • Go for the simple rectangle marble coffee table with a dark frame if ‘keeping the coffee table plain’ is the plan.

  • An oval marble top with stainless steel frame is elegant and a smart choice for a trendy lounge.

  • The delicate look in this white marble and wood piece puts this marble coffee table into the Vogue-inspired furniture category. The thin wooden frame compliments the sleekness of the marble top.


  • The surfboard shaped marble slab and wooden legs with gilded ends make this vintage looking coffee table every millennial’s dream come true.

Styles Ideas:

Styling your coffee table is an art and through this art you can show your personality. Some of the up to date styling ideas for marble coffee table are listed below:

  1. Boxes: Stack up some boxes on your coffee table. Either mix and match patterns and colors or go for matching sets. The result will be a clutter free marble coffee table.
  2. Personalize: Add a personalized touch for example, an antique trinket a photo album or some other mementos on your coffee table. The result will be as unique as you.
  3. Candles and Urchins: Gold urchins and warm scented candles at your coffee table are an unexpected combination which looks lovely with around a bowl.
  4. Books: Stacking the books is a traditional take on arrangement but if you want to add an oomph to your coffee table arrange your books in neat grids and use them as base.
  5. Glass and Crystals: Place your crystals in a glass bowl, vase or even a bell shaped jar and channel their energy around your living room. The glimmer of the crystals will enhance the beauty of the marble coffee table while healing your chakra.
  6. Trays: Trays are a simple and effective way of managing everything that is on your coffee table. A huge variety of trays are available in the market which gives the stylist a lot of flexibility in choosing what type is required.
  7. Nature: Bring the greenery to your coffee table in the form a succulents or terrariums. There is no-fuss of them needing to be replaced either so a win-win situation for aesthetics and homeowners.
  8. Statement Art Piece: Fill the space on your coffee table with a single art piece that makes a statement instead of piling up everything on it. The voguish effect will be ultra modern.


  1. Use coasters to avoid staining from cups and glasses.
  2. Remove dust from the table using a dry clean cloth on daily basis.
  3. Clean it with a stone cleaner at least once a week to keep the shine from fading.


Marble coffee tables are widely used around the globe for decorating indoors. These come in different designs and colors. You can get ready table or order your customized design as well. However, care should be taken while using marble tables. Marble tables should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Stone cleaners should be used to clean and maintain marble tables. 



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