26 Minimally Decorated Spaces to Admire

Author: Georgia Madden   Date Posted:3 March 2020 

Our coffee-break escape offers you five minutes' worth of images to inspire and delight. Jump right in...


At one time or another, who among us hasn’t dreamt of purging all their stuff andembracing a more minimalist lifestyle? If the idea sounds appealing, here are 26 pared-back spaces from around the world to inspire you.

And remember, you can get more details of a project and see more of a professional’s work, including their contact numbers, by clicking on a photo.
Studio Prineas
1. Restrained elegance. Cammeray, NSW
Designer: Studio Prineas
Studio Prineas
…And a view of that beautiful minimalist home from the outside.
2. Classic appeal. Rome, Italy
Designer: Mohamed Keilani

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Matthew Densley
3. Bathed in light. Woollahra, NSW
Designer: Matthew Densley
SE stefaniaeugeni
4. Colour blocking. Rome, Italy
Designer: SE Stefaniaeugeni
5. Monochrome magic. Melbourne, Victoria
Designer: NGiD
Alessio Guarino Photography
6. Raw appeal. Florence, Italy

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Alessio Guarino Photography
…Here’s another look at this pared-back home.
Baulch Services
7. Fine lines. Melbourne, Victoria
Designer: Baulch Services
8. Natural touch. Nagoya, Japan
Designer: Kisetsu
Mihaly Slocombe
9. Curves in the right places. Melbourne, Victoria
Designer: Mihaly Slocombe
Nina Maya Interiors
10. Well-framed. Sydney, NSW
Designer: Nina Maya Interiors
Tommaso Giunchi
11. Purple power. Milan, Italy
Designer: Tommaso Giunchi
Space Odyssey Architects
12. Fuss-free. Ukraine
Designer: Space Odyssey Architects
Works Architecture Ltd.
13. Texture time. London, UK
Designer: Works Architecture
Studio 804
14. Raised up. Kansas, USA
Designer: Studio 804
Finney Construction
15. Finely balanced. Melbourne, Victoria
Designer: Finney Construction
DKN | JAMM Architecture + Design
16. Bathing beauty. London, UK
Designer: DKN | JAMM Architecture + Design
Icon Interior Design Pte Ltd
17. Sweet dreams. Singapore
Designer: Icon Interior Design
Yellow Cloud Studio
18. Asymmetrical wonder. London, UK
Designer: Yellow Cloud Studio
19. The cool kids. Voorburg, Netherlands
Designer: CNCPT A
…Enjoy another peek at a cleverly arranged space in this home.
MC Architectural + Interiors Photography
20. Star of the show. New York, USA

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Charles Maccora Design
21. Connected to nature. Newtown, Victoria
Designer: Charles Maccora Design
OEB Architects
22. Well-read. London, UK
Designer: OEB Architects
SML Architects
23. Carefully considered. Mumbai, India
Designer: SML Architects
Studio Trejo
24. Discreet decor. Washington, USA
Designer: Studio Trejo
Francesco Pierazzi Architects
25. Space maximiser. London, UK
Designer: Francesco Pierazzi Architects
Hive Architects Inc.
26. Pops of colour. Tampa, USA
Designer: Hive Architects

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