5 Easy Steps to follow when decorating an empty bedroom

Author: Silvia C from Bloglovin'   Date Posted:14 May 2019 

5 Easy steps to follow when decorating an empty bedroom

Our summer oasis is definitely the bedroom, so we want to keep it less crowded and stressful. To help you out we gathered five easy steps to follow when decorating an empty bedroom. These advices are ideal especially for people who move in a new home or they want to reduce the unnecessary items in their bedroom, so check them out:

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1. Think about symmetry

When you think about symmetry in a bedroom you can easily think of the hotel bedrooms that are always clutter free, relaxing and perfect. So get inspired by your favorite hotels and make sure you have the same space in the left and right side of your bed. Moreover, choose two identical lamps and nightstands that you can style in a different ways, but make sure you keep everything as simple as possible. Don’t clutter this area of your room. Also, make your bed accessible in both sides, it will look better and it will be more practical for you.

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2. Choose only essential furniture

Rather than crowding your bedroom with unnecessary furniture is better to make room around your better. A less cluttered bedroom means a relaxing interior with a calm vibe that assures you of a good night sleep. So, think about things that can be moved in the living room – like your desk, a bookshelf, unnecessary chairs or even your dressing room if you have enough space.

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3. Think about storage solutions

Storage solutions can really help you keep the clutter away from your bedroom and you can focus more on sleeping and relaxing. In this room, if you want to think deco wise, is best that besides nightstands and lams you add a statement framed pictures of more just above your bed. So, talking about storage solutions drawers are an ideal solution for this room. They look cool and they help you store a lot of things like lingerie, socks, belts, jewelry, anything that comes to your mind. Moreover, when you get tired of them you can just change the handles with some  cool and trendy ones. Also, you can choose a nightstand with a drawer where you can place the small items you usually end up leaving on your nightstand.

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4. Choose quality sheets

Beside the mattress, the sheets you choose dictate the comfort of your bed. So, pick soft ones and choose the ones that look expensive and good and make your bed pretty. When you look at them you have to have the feeling of immediately saying ‘’yes I can sleep now’’.

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5. Accessorize it

What is left with accessorizing you will ask? Well, let’s start with the lightning – choose a gorgeous chandelier that suits your style and personality and it goes greet with the style of the room. Usually the bed and the nightstand dictate the style of the room so pick a chandelier or statement lamp according to them. Then, choose a gorgeous small tray for your nightstand with candles and flowers and of course a dreamy lamp. You can also add an oversized plant in the corner of your bedroom and decorate the room with inspiring framed pictures.

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