6 Dreamy Elements that make a home Retro and Glam

Author: Silvia C   Date Posted:22 October 2019 

6 Dreamy elements that make a home retro and glam

We’re going back to the time, in the beautiful retro and glam home deco moments. Elegance is a key element this season and also are the vintage inspired elements that make a space sophisticated, fancy and more valuable. To get your home retro and glam, according to the new trends, here are six dreamy elements you should keep in mind:

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1. A statement vintage mirror

Mirrors are great for any space, making it look bigger. This season golden mirrors are a big trend, especially if they have a vintage twist to it. Add them in any corner of your home or decorate your cabinet or side tables with them.

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2. A velvet ottoman

Velvet ottomans are super stylish this season, choose it in rich colors or the chic pink and choose one that has golden touches. Add it next to an armchair or sofa, make it a side table or decorate an empty corner of your home with it.

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3. A dreamy velvet sofa

Velvet sofas are the most stylish sofa option you can choose right now. They look super elegant and timeless and can make the whole room luxury looking. Pair it with retro golden elements, green plants and also other velvet small items of furniture like a chair or an ottoman.

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4. An art deco chandelier

Art deco chandeliers are trending right now and they sure make a home elegant and retro themed. Choose this type of chandelier as the centerpiece of your kitchen, living room or bedroom or add it on top of your dining area. Pair with with vintage inspired furniture and enjoy some fancy days at home.


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5. Retro inspired chairs

You have to have at least one retro inspired chair in your gorgeous home, think of it as your home centerpiece. Think of a model that really obsessed you it and invest in it, also make sure it matches the style of your home. Moreover, if you want more retro chairs mix and match them around a vintage table or choose four similar ones for a round table.

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6. A gorgeous bar cart

A bar cart is always a good idea and a gold vintage inspired one is for sure a glam idea! Choose it for a corner of your home or your living room and have a lot of guests over or throw fabulous parties! Decorate it with colorful and fancy drinks, elegant glasses and match them with flowers, framed pictures or dreamy lights.



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