Colour in Soft Furnishings: How to Mix and Match

Author: Sophie Seeger  

Developing your eye for colour in cushions, chairs, curtains and more can make your home sing


Colour matters, and soft furnishings are an easy way to bring it into your home – they play a pivotal role in the design of the space, adding the decorative element to each room and giving a home both character and harmony.

Ok, so let’s define soft furnishings: for the sake of this article it’s items that are made from fabric, such as cushions, rugs, cloth lampshades, curtains, bed linen, and all chair and ottoman coverings.

Figuring out which colours match and which clash can be quite bewildering. However, simply understanding the following few basic colour principles will help you mix and match colour in your soft furnishings so that your cushions don’t want to punch the throws, the throws don’t want to punch the sofa upholstery, and you don’t feel like walking out of each room with your hands in the air in defeat…

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