Five Useful Interior Design Tips to make your room more fashionable

Author: Denisa on Bloglovin'   Date Posted:25 September 2018 

Five useful interior design tips to make your room more fashionable

My house is my reflection and, of course, my fortress, which is functional, cozy, fashionable.  Fashion in interior design embodies the convenience and creation of a space in which a person will be as good as possible.


Modern man needs comfort, which is why it is not enough for him simply to feel himself a part of the room in which most of his life passes. As you know, the interior of the dwelling has a great aesthetic and psychological power of impact on people. It is because of this that humanity is trying to create the most favorable conditions for living at home, at work and even at leisure. Creating comfort makes life easier for people.

According to psychologists, the rational use of space can relieve tension, the aesthetics of the dwelling helps maintain a positive emotional background. These statements suggest that any small thing in the interior is not a trifle.

Let’s see what ideas are relevant now, what colors are called the main ones in interior design, what ideas will create warmth and coziness in your bedroom.


This trend has long been not a novelty, but it has not lost its positions and it is unlikely that the situation will change in the near future, especially in megacities, where people desperately want to get close to nature. Decoration, furniture and interior items made to order from natural materials – this is the best that you can choose for your home. As decorative elements are actively used parts of trees.

Bright natural colors and shades are preferred. In a space created in an eco-friendly style, you must literally be transferred to another world filled with harmony. As elements of eco-style stylish and practical wicker baskets do not go out of fashion, the use of an abundance of natural fabrics: cotton, linen, from which covers are made for pillows, napkins, wall pockets for small items, etc.


Creating a cozy interior is not possible without a beautiful and comfortable place to relax. Therefore, if you want that your interior to meet modern fashion criteria, use only the luxury foam mattresses with a memory effect.

Foam with a memory effect is a completely synthetic material. It consists of polyurethane foam with hydrocarbon additives. Due to its porous-cellular structure, harmful microorganisms and parasites are not found in it. Under the weight of the body, the product takes shape of the body and then restores the original appearance.

Do not save on such a purchase, you should choose memory foam mattresses from trusted companies tested by experts. A reputable company will provide more opportunities for exchange/return of the product, as well as provide transportation services, which is important for bulky and heavy goods.

As for the enveloping effect of a luxury mattress, only it will give you a feeling of comfort and weightlessness. Such mattresses have a number of advantages that will bring you comfort:

  1. the back relaxes, the unpleasant sensations accumulated during the whole day disappear,
  2. The manufacturer gives a long warranty period.
  3. There are no manifestations of allergic reactions.
  4. The convenient cover makes it easy to fix the sheets, lightning along the entire perimeter makes it easy to remove and put on.


Drawing a plan of space and thinking out the design of the interior, it is very important not to forget about yourself and about the need to create a corner for yourself, where you can stay in privacy, think, relax or do things you love, apart from others. Research scientists show that a lot of space for this is not necessary, quite literally two or three square meters. A rocking chair and bookshelves, a creatively designed work desk, a soft cozy reading corner. The use of screens and temporary curtains is welcome for it.


Fashion with the loft space is reflected not only in photo studios and halls with high ceilings for various events but also in small apartments … “Factory style” is used in the desire to free up as much space as possible, do not clutter up the premises, and also use rudely plastered walls and brickwork, giving the room expressiveness.


In any modern interior, there is a place for cozy things that will add to your shelter softness and warmth: whether it’s beautiful dishes, exclusive rugs or unusual pieces of furniture. Just a few of these accents will breathe life into your home and make it a place where you always want to return.

  1. Blankets

What can be cozier than a blanket, in which we can wrap ourselves in rainy evenings, hiding from adversity and fatigue? It is difficult to explain why these warm bedspreads possess such a magic of comfort.

  1. Pillows

Small decorative pillows have an amazing ability to make any room home-like. Fluffy or with an original ornament, they will create a warm and soulful atmosphere in your rooms, beckon you to sit down and bow your head for a rest.

  1. Pictures

The bare walls make the room lifeless, empty and cold. Even if they are painted flawlessly, without pictures or photographs, they will look boring. Depending on individual preferences you can use the pictures with landscapes, still lives or portraits of the inhabitants of the house.

If you are a representative of a certain subculture, then you should use its ideas to create an interior. If you are not, then use any style that is pleasant for you.


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