Small Changes, Big Impact: How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Author: Pia Sinha   Date Posted:19 August 2019 

Don’t let a lack of space in your bedroom dampen your enthusiasm for decorating. Here's how to make a small space sing

Turn your cramped bedroom into a relaxing retreat by making the most of every square centimetre of space. Here are some great ideas to help you maximise your small bedroom’s floor space.


Victorian Bedroom by Town House Interiors


Town House Interiors

Create a focal point
In a modest-sized bedroom, one eye-catching element will lend visual flow and order to the room and make your sleep space pop. For instance, you could opt for bold patterns or vibrant colours on your bedhead, or create impact with an arrangement of bright pillows.


Transitional Bedroom by Laura Stein Interiors


Laura Stein Interiors

Add height
Make the ceiling of your small bedroom seem higher by hanging floor-length curtains close to the ceiling. This will automatically add a sense of height and visually expand your room.

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Eclectic Bedroom by Post 31 Interiors


Post 31 Interiors

Create an accent wall
An accent wall is a stunning way to inject life and personality into your bedroom. Pick a wallpaper you love, then incorporate its colours in your bedlinen and decor.


Scandinavian Bedroom by Holly Marder


Holly Marder

Make storage look pretty
When you’re decorating a small bedroom, think about functional storage options that will look good, too. For instance, use bedside tables that have drawers and shelves. Or you could install floating shelves above the bed to display your books and accessories.

This will go a long way to reducing clutter and generating more room, and it will make your private cocoon exude even more appeal.


Beach Style Kids by Structures Building Company


Structures Building Company

Make a statement
Just because space is limited, don’t assume your options are, too. In fact, a great decorating tip is to go bold. Throw in punchy fabrics or pick interesting lighting options. Even an unexpected bedhead will lend instant wow factor to your bedroom.

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Transitional Bedroom by Garman Builders Inc.


Garman Builders Inc.

Bring in the blues
Use hues of cobalt or other shades of blue for a cosy and elegant look and feel, particularly during the night. The soft glow from the lamps will complement those deep hues to enrich your sleep space.


Mediterranean Bedroom by Lori Smyth Design


Lori Smyth Design

Large art for appeal
An oversize artwork will not only hide a plain wall, but the compelling visual will lend a more spacious feel to your room.


Traditional Bedroom by Blackband Design


Blackband Design

Round it off
When you’re decorating a small space, it’s often a good idea to opt for furniture with rounded edges. This will reduce the floor space used and create more room for walking around comfortably.


Beach Style Bedroom by Laura Hay DECOR & DESIGN Inc.


Laura Hay DECOR & DESIGN Inc.

White is right
White walls, wooden flooring and heaps of natural lighting: now that’s a combination you’ll never go wrong with, especially if you’re looking for a fuss-free way to decorate your small bedroom. What’s more, white walls will help open up your space and provide you with the flexibility to change the colours in your room more frequently.


Scandinavian Bedroom Nórdico Dormitorio


Hang your lamps
Lamps can easily take up a lot of space in your small bedroom. So why not consider hanging them from the ceiling – or using wall sconces – for a decorative yet modern touch.

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Contemporary Bedroom by i3 design group


i3 design group

Think contrast
Think about contrast when you’re decorating a small bedroom space. If you’ve opted for deeper hues on your walls, choose lighter shades in your bedding or accessories to unify your decor.


Contemporary Bedroom by Turner Pocock


Turner Pocock

Use symmetry
Decorate with symmetry in mind to create balance in your small bedroom. Pair bedside tables, lamps, and even throw pillows to create a striking display.

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Modern Bedroom by Bruce Bierman Design


Bruce Bierman Design

Take advantage of mirrors
A wall of mirrors – or, if you’re unable to retrofit one, an oversize mirror hung on a wall – will add decorative wow factor as well as visually enlarging, if not doubling, the space. The trick here is to go bold: the bigger the mirror, the better.


Contemporary Bedroom by Bask Interiors


Bask Interiors

Bring in the lighting
If you’re in the mood to indulge your spaces, consider hanging a pendant light or chandelier. The soft glow will lend warmth and cosiness as well as a touch of class to your bedroom.


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