Spring has officially sprung!

Author: Interiors Online   Date Posted:2 September 2019 

It is the time of romance and refreshes. Spring is the fragrant season, a fertile time of year when ferns and flowers that have been hibernating start to unfurl and bloom and might show up ever so slightly tweaked from the way they were before. Inside your home, mix the zest of the season with the softness — Spring is warm and welcomes the breezy elements, yet cosy enough for soft features, from neutral and gentle rugs and accessories to potential refurbishments of the surfaces that frame your days and evenings. Below we've listed the 3 top spring trends and how to use them in your home.



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        Pops of pink, from fuschia to rose to bright candy shades bring delight to all spaces this season. Freshen up the living room with one feature pink cushion or ottoman — dusty or deep pink works here — and sunny pinks streaking through patterned cushion covers and framed simple paintings and posters. Bring flowers in from the garden – yours or your community’s and place them in vases, as a solitary touch or among bunches to reflect the pinks throughout your décor. And why not consider one pink wall — soft and intriguing with a light pastel, or go rich like a sunset on an outdoors facing surface.



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                Brass accents in light shades, side tables and vases take on a new glint with the fresh light of Springtime and this year, mixing a few metal elements will bring in a subtle kaleidoscope-like decorative solar panels, pairing your beloved brass with chrome even subtly will balance and freshen a space. Mix an array of silver tones will absorb and reflect the natural sun and create a subtle light show that will change with hours of the day. Don’t shy away from metal feature pieces, such as a storage box doubled as a moment to pause or a line of metal tiles lining a neutral kitchen wall — these will ground your seasonal décor in a chic industrial context.




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Known for its earthy and simple aesthetic, rattan designs are evolving and should evolve and be allowed to shine in Spring decors this year. Symmetrical yet intricate patterns are being woven into bed heads as well as indoor couch frames — imagine the flair of kitchen and bathroom tiles crafted into this natural material — and these heart pieces can be grounded with plush mattresses and cushioning in colours either neutral to capture the softness of the season, or bright and wild to bring the jungle somewhere out therein. 

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