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Ceramic stools have become one of the most sought-after home essentials today. At Dwell Living Interiors, we believe stools are one of those versatile items that cater to the seating needs of different areas of your home.

They are perfect for your compact dining area. You can create extra seating space whenever required and neatly pack it away under your dining table to conserve space. Similarly, these stools are great for your living area, especially when your guests arrive and you need extra seating.

Moreover, stools are easy to rearrange and lift. So, they provide ideal casual and social seating options at family gatherings or parties. In addition, when you have a piece of furniture that is convenient to carry and use, it creates an atmosphere of positivity and comfort. Therefore, explore our good selection of ceramic stools and enjoy your good times.

Our Product Range

You can choose from our most popular or unconventional ceramic stools based on the decor of your space and personality. More than just an elegant piece of furniture, these stools are packed with function. For example, you can use them as a little side table or create an extra seating space. Available in different colours and patterns, these stools provide an exotic architectural beauty enhancing the aesthetic of your interior environment.

Moreover, you can add style, colour and interest to your space with our Leopard Ceramic Stool. It's an elegant piece of furniture that comes in a barrel shape and is made of ceramic material featuring a leopard in jungle foliage with a white background. Thus, you can use it as a decorative piece to display your pot plant or other decorative items to elevate your home's recognisable beauty instantly.

Apart from ceramic stools, we also stock a good selection of square and round stools to meet various domestic purposes. For example, you can use the stools with a flat top as a side table to set down your drink when the need arises.

In addition, some of our stool designs provide a storage solution. It's an ingenious concept where the stool consists of a removable lid that acts as a seat, below which you will find a storage box area. It provides a practical option to de-clutter and keeps things neat and clean in your living space. Moreover, its unique design, comfy cushioning, and durable finish add value to your luxurious lifestyle.

Why Choose Us To Buy Ceramic Stools

Dwell Living Interiors is renowned for its product quality, service excellence, and business transparency. We have been servicing this industry for long years now and have gained enough expertise and business insight to understand the expectation of your modern home.

Hence, we supply an extensive range of furniture to suit every lifestyle, speed, taste, and budget. In addition, you can get valuable advice and guidance from our experts regarding your furniture choice based on our unmatched experience.

Some of the popular traits that make us the first choice of many are:

  • Unmatched experience – We have been decorating different homes and offices across Australia since 1983 and understand your expectation. Hence, we strive to update our collections to meet the needs of this ever-evolving market.
  • Prompt Delivery – We offer prompt delivery for all your orders. So, you can order from anywhere in Australia. It will reach your doorstep smoothly, on time. We also give a free delivery service for some of our furniture pieces.
  • Warranty – We provide structural warranty services for the products having manufacturing defects or faults.
  • Transparent Dealing – We ensure no hidden charges will surprise you at any stage of your dealing with us. All our service and product charges are transparent and fixed.
  • Service Excellence – We never compromise with quality. All our furniture pieces are made of the highest-quality material, making them highly durable and robust.

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To know more about stools and other furniture pieces, call us on 1300 554 881. In addition, you can fill out our online form to connect with us online. We will get back to you with more information.


What are the common uses of a ceramic stool?

Stools made of ceramic are pocket-friendly and perfect for small spaces. Our ceramic pieces come in a wide variety of designs and colours. So, you can choose a piece that reflects your style and preference. However, they are known for their versatility and multiple uses. You can:

  • Use them as an end table
  • Pair them under your long sofa table
  • Use them with your sofa for creating extra seating
  • Use as a bedside table
  • Use on the patio as a side table
  • Use anywhere to create extra seating

Do ceramic stools break easily?

Ceramic stools require proper care and maintenance to enhance their durability. However, they are easy to clean as compared to wooden stools. Our items in this category are made of 100% ceramic material, which makes them robust.

But you will have to take extra care while handling them. For example, if you knock or drop them accidentally, there is a likelihood of breaking. In addition, you must clean it with a simple damp cloth and avoid the use of household cleaners or any other chemicals. It may damage the finish.

What are the various payment methods do you accept for online orders?

At Dwell Living Interiors, we offer multiple payment options to make your online purchase easy and hassle-free. Therefore, you can use your credit card, debit card, or net banking option to pay online. However, you can call our consultant to discuss our payment option. We will answer your query and resolve any issues or doubt regarding our payment option.

Do you deliver your product outside Australia?

No, we don't deliver outside Australia. You can order from anywhere across Australia, and you will receive your order at your doorstep on time. In addition, we invest in technology and equipment to provide prompt and hassle-free delivery service. You will get a notification regarding the status of our delivery process. You can also check it online using the tracking number provided at the time of product dispatch. Call us to know more about it in detail.

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